The Diesel Dad Challenge

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The Diesel Dad Challenge

Aaron Waddell | Diesel Dad


Would you like to know, how using how complete ignoring the common advice about nutrition and exercise...

  • Calorie Deficit
  • Eat Less, Move More
  • Workout 4-5 Times a week
  • Do Lots of Cardio
  • Eat Whole Grains
  • Limit Meat
  • High Fiber

I was able to lose fat, maintain a healthy body composition, and experience vibrant health -  for nearly a decade?

9 Years ago, I found myself in a position I never thought I Would be…

Struggling with my health

I tried using the typical recommendations for losing weight…

Only to find myself in a worse place.

But just when I was about to lose all hope…

I Discovered the Secrets to lasting And Robust Health

And now, I want to show YOU What I learned.

Because my guess is you’re sick of being told  …

  • Just Eat Less and Move More
  • Everything in Moderation
  • Just Forget about the Hunger and Eat a Salad

and then when you try it…Your willpower craps out …

and you find yourself talking to an empty pint of Ben & Jerry’s - Saying

it’s no use!

and the truth is, most “Diet Plans” out there care nothing about you.

They just want to sell you their over-priced “Food Products”

They Fully expect you not to succeed…

It doesn’t matter…

as long as it doesn’t affect the bottom line.

we need a way To Lose Weight and Be healthy…

  • Without Hunger…
  • Without Cravings…
  • Without Endless, Mind-numbing exercise…
  • Without Dieting

But the good news for you is…

I’ve discovered a Simple Way …

that lets anyone, regardless of How many times they’ve failed before…

Or how little willpower they think they possess…

Or How much they hate salad…

To achieve their Dream Body and create unlimited energy!

  • without Exercising constantly…
  • without Spending a fortune in the grocery store…
  • without Suffering

After Years of Killing Myself with Exercise..

And Restricting my calories

I couldn’t take it anymore…

I would just eat what I want and forget about being healthy.

Then I thought…

What If we got it All Wrong?


The Diesel Dad Challenge

Inside you'll discover -

  • The SPEAR Framework for taking control of your eating
  • The Five-S System for putting an end to overeating
  • The ultimate guide to eating out, so you can still enjoy the social aspects of eating
  • The exact foods and practices you should be using for optimal health
  • Plus a whole lot more!


  • Knowing you’ll be around for your kids for years to come
  • Being Irresistible to your wife again
  • Your kids looking at you with awe and admiration
  • Having the energy to ignite your business!

Take Action Now

Your New Body Awaits You!

I want this!


Myth Busting
We’ll go over the myths that have been drilled into your head, so that you can remove the roadblocks that are stopping your progress dead in its tracks.[$499 Value]
The Core Systems
I'll take you on a deep dive into the fundamentals of Nutrition and Ancestral Living. You'll discover a way of eating that will ensure you never feel hungry or restricted again. [$2,999 Value]
A Long, Healthy Life
Losing weight means nothing if you can't keep it off. In this Lesson, you'll get my best tips for doing just that so that you can be there for your family for years to come. [$999 Value]
[$499 Value] Nothing ever goes perfect. Here's how to stop from sliding back into old habits so that you keep your hard-won results.
Bonus: The Diesel Dad Workbook
Contains a Summary of everything included in the course, all the worksheets, and plenty of space for notes [$497 Value]
Bonus: The "Diesel Dad" Meal Plan
[$97 Value] A sample meal plan you can use to boost your fat loss and energy!
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